“The End of Nationalism?” Perhaps…. Perhaps Not.

“The End of Nationalism?” is an essay about, you guessed it, the end of nationalism around the globe. It states that this is due to the spread of technology and ideas connecting the people of the world together. The specific case that it mentions as an example is the ongoing instability between the Israelis and the Palestinians.

Fax machines may seem a bit outdated now but nearly twenty years ago they made all the difference in how war would play out between the two groups. They allowed the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) the means to communicate with its members that were miles apart and cut off due to Israeli security checkpoints. The faxes could not be tapped without disrupting the entire Israeli phone network.

The essay also mentions how the internet has brought on the spread of ideas and allowed people of any background to interact with one another – an important step towards globalization and a step backwards for nationalism.

Personally, I can agree with the end of nationalism. Its coming faster and faster but I don’t think that we will truly reach a global society. There is simply too much hate and ignorance in the world.


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