Thoughts on Badillo’s ‘Asians and Hispanics’

‘Asians and Hispanics’ is an excerpt from Herman Badillo’s book One Nation, One Standard covering how Hispanics are compared to other immigrant groups, notably Asians. Badillo, himself, is Puerto Rican and also the first congressman of such background.

Herman Badillo

In the text, he describes how he has encountered immigrant groups of all backgrounds and from his observations he has come up with Hispanics as having the hardest time succeeding with the American dream. He is potentially biased about it with him being Puerto Rican; however, he does back his claim with some statistical data and other insider views. He is very straight forward with his thoughts and is not afraid to say anything it seems.

Honestly, on a personal level, I can’t really make a claim with this as I don’t really belong to any of these demographics. My mom is an immigrant, but it doesn’t affect me as I am, basically, just another white middle class American. I look forward to learning about ethnic gaps though.


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