Pennsylvania Voter I.D. Law as of 9/20/12

A lot of recent news has come up concerning the Pennsylvania Voter I.D. law and how it is still in court despite elections being less than a couple months away.

The law would require a certain type of I.D. in order to be eligible to vote in the upcoming presidential elections. It was supposedly thought up as a way to reduce voter fraud, yet such fraud is not very prevalent as Pennsylvania has not come up with sufficient evidence for need of such a law.

Democrats are saying that without that evidence the law may actually just be a scam to oppress minority and poor voters, but officials and the backing republicans deny such accusations.

The story is coverd by CNN, ABC, and the Washington Post. All three get the basic points across well enough when it comes to the possible bias of the law and the recent court decisions. ABC’s story is lacking any reference to republicans vs. democrats and is bias towards removal of the law. Both CNN and the Washington Post provide both sides of the argument.

I can see how identification is important, but if there’s no evidence of fraud there is no reason for it.


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