13 September 2012 Chicago Teachers’ Strike

Monday morning, more than 29,000 teachers from the Chicago school district went on strike for the first time in more than 25 years. The issue? Teachers do not feel that they are being paid enough and refuse to go back to work until the issue is resolved, effectively turning schools into nothing more than daycare centers. The mayor, Rahm Emanuel, has stated that “this is a strike of choice and it’s the wrong choice for our children.”

The major news providers include ABC, CNN, and The New York Times. All cover several reasons as to why this happened and share the same basic viewpoints. Teachers want improved union benefits and a revision of the public education system while parents and officials just want the strike to end so that the children have a place to learn again.

Honestly, I believe teachers don’t get paid enough and that standardized scores are emphasized too much. However, the Chicago teachers are paid on average $70,000 a year. An agreement should show up soon though.


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