A Taste of ‘The Immigration Dinner Party’

‘The Immigration Dinner Party’ is a fictional gathering of some very real characters that come together to discuss a possible solution to the ever-so-popular topic of immigration over a 3 course dinner. The characters include state senators, representatives, and directors from all around Texas. The goal is to have the solution by the end of the meal.

My first impression of this play-like essay was that it really brings these people, which would probably be more used to a debate hall, together in a more friend/family oriented setting. The topic is a large one with different and controversial solutions, all of which are difficult to implement without the risk of failure or backlash.

Richard Land, the president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, begins to come up with a possible solution by possibly allowing illegals to come forward and be given a chance to assimilate, but I’d imagine that most would be too scared of ulterior motives and the possibility of being deported.

Ultimately, a definite solution is never produced by the end of the meal proving immigration to be a much more difficult problem to solve than expected.


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