The Journey Continues

Dear Anybody,

My name is Kristopher Muse. I am currently an eighteen year old college freshman that is, at least for now, enrolled in my core classes at Georgia State University at the downtown Atlanta campus. It is, honestly, my first real full time experience with the so-called ‘real world’ and I have to say I am really enjoying the day to day life of being a college student despite it the outrageous expenses involved. This is a massive change from high school in the ironically and correctly named Butts County school system; therefore, I would expect nothing less than to see some personal change among my actual being. There’s an entirely new set of influences just waiting to push me toward that change.

As far as meeting new people, it has been relatively easy for me when compared to what I’ve done in the past. I’ve changed my approach entirely. I used to be quite introverted and would wait for others to approach me, but that just doesn’t work in this setting. Everyone is simply either too busy to bother. I’ve learned that to meet people, I needed to just throw myself out there. Of course, my new friends were simple to approach as we have all the same classes together for the most part due to us all signing up for an FLC, or Freshman Learning Community, which brings me to my classes.

My FLC is called Global Issues and consists of classes that all revolve around that theme. They don’t really have a certain major in play for them which are both good and bad. My major as of now is computer science, so it’s clear that I don’t really belong with global issues. However, I have made some interesting friends and the classes have really begun to open my eyes to what it’s like for everyone around the globe. I’m not saying that I’ve been closed minded, but I haven’t explored other’s views in detail either.

College is turning out to be a great experience, with which I shall always remember. My endeavors are bound to shape me into what I hope not only productive member of society, but also a better person. With new friends and eyes wide open, I’ve already begun to feel the hands of change morphing my form into something new and improved. I’ll be the same person, but different.




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