The Murders in the French Alps. Out of the Ordinary? 6 September, 2012

A few days ago, the French Alps were plagued by terror. A family of five was attacked along with an innocent cyclist whom happened to be in the area at the wrong time. The British-Iraqi family was on vacation Lake Annecy in lower France when the gruesome attacks occurred. The motive for attack is unknown but French Police are saying it could have been a professional. 3 are dead and 2 injured.

The Family’s Car riddled with bullet holes.

The story was covered by a multitude of British news sites that go into quite a bit of detail. The BBC, the British Daily Mail, and were the major British sites. While the Daily Mail covered the story with the most length, they were rather assuming of what became of the killer and I could tell there was some bias against the French. The BBC and Guardian both keep it very professional with the BBC having just a little more video coverage.

It’s difficult to believe that such a terrible thing could happen to what was seen as an average family. The fact that police didn’t find the youngest daughter for 8 hours is also troubling. It makes me wonder about the world these days.


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